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CofE Midweek worship at home 

CofE Prayers if you cannot get to church

CofE Prayers about the outbreak

CofE Prayers with children

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Our response to the Coronavirus outbreak

Especially as we suspend all public services and events. Do be in contact if that would be helpful. With love in Christ


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Responding as Christians

We are all bound to feel anxious during this crisis, especially for our loved ones and church family as well ourselves. This outbreak is a sobering reminder of our human frailty and mortality and of the limitations of medical science and government. However, if we trust in Jesus, our living sovereign Lord and loving personal saviour, we can be absolutely sure that he loves us deeply and that nothing can befall us except what he knows can help us become more like him (Romans 8:28).

So may I encourage you to ‘cast all your anxiety on himin prayer. You could do this in short prayers throughout the day or you could spend some time at the beginning or end of each day, on your own or together with your family or housemates, to give this crisis over to our Lord.  You could read through Psalm 23 which reminds us that our Good Shepherd, Jesus, is with us as we walk ‘though the valley of the shadow of death’. Or perhaps work through the short readings available from Andy Mason’s article, use this amplified version of the Lord’s Prayer or use these prayers from Paul's letters

At a time when many around us will be afraid, God may be giving us special opportunities to love and serve others – which could lead to wonderful opportunities in due course to share the gospel. We have the glorious comfort of Jesus who loves us so much he died for us and who lives to offer us the certain hope of resurrection! Let’s pray for opportunities to speak. Perhaps we could check in on neighbours, colleagues and friends, whether in person or on the phone, especially those who are elderly and frail; to offer practical help like shopping or accessing online help and information. It may feel appropriate to offer to pray for them and with them, and to say something about our confidence in Jesus. May I encourage you to look for opportunities to ‘give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect’ (1 Peter 3:15).

We are going to be distributing this card locally to offer help and if you are able to be one of those responding to this need please let the church office know by emailing

Gathering together

In the light of the most recent advice from the Government and the Archbishops following the spread of Coronavirus and the increasing need for isolation and being aware of our responsibility to care for the church family and act as good citizens we have, sadly, had to take the decision to suspend all public worship and services for the time being. 

We are also suspending all midweek activities and events such as Chat&Play, Community café, FAB Club and Chat&Play Dads. 

Midweek groups for Bible study and prayer support will not meet physically but we hope to meet virtually where possible.

Some of us will be self-isolating and remaining at home but If you are able to, check up on those you know from the church family, and your neighbours, particularly those you know who might be on their own, and particularly frail and vulnerable.

Continuing in our discipleship together

On Sundays we are looking to stream a service (or as much of one as we are able) so that we can join together, albeit virtually, to hear God’s word and respond in trust and obedience, in praise and prayer.

We are thinking about what we can provide for children and families too…

There are a whole raft of online possibilities for ongoing discipleship

Our website –

There is a page here which has details of our ongoing response to this situation

and a page here which gives details of online resources for meeting together

Downloadable PDFs that can be used at home:

CofE Midweek worship at home 

CofE Prayers if you cannot get to church

CofE Prayers about the outbreak 

CofE Prayers with children

Online resources to join with others in prayer

CofE Daily Prayer

Today's Prayer

Radio 4 Daily Service

Sundays at Grace Church

Welcome to Grace Church, we'd love you to come and join us one Sunday.
Church isn’t all about Sundays, but our Sunday services are an important part of our life together.

If you join us on a Sunday, you’ll find a mixed bag of people spanning different ages, backgrounds, and life experiences.  Most of us have a Christian faith, but some of us are still exploring. Regulars and visitors come bringing their questions, objections, struggles, doubts and encouragements. Through the services, question times and over coffee we look to create opportunities for people to engage in ways that will help them.


The morning service begins at 9.15am. To help us get going at that time in the morning, coffee and pastries are served from 9am. The service is always over by 10.30, so its not unusual for people to chat a while over coffee and then head to someone’s house for brunch. A creche is available during the service.

The afternoon service starts at 5pm and lasts around an hour. It is smaller and more informal than the morning service, often with a time for questions and discussion during the service. We continue meeting together afterwards over supper next door in the hall.

Various different youth groups run during our morning and evening services. For more information about these, check out the youth & children page.

What to expect

Walking into the building

We’re a church with lots of young families, so as you walk in that’s probably one of the first things you would notice. That and the coffee and pastries/cake that are served for 15 minutes before each service.

The building has ‘step-free’ access giving level/ramped entry to our meetings through the hall entrance.  There is also an accessible toilet on the ground floor of the church and hall buildings.

Church Services

The services themselves are fairly informal. That reflects who we are, as well as our history (we used to meet at the Maid of Muswell pub). Despite the informal feel, we’re serious about what we’re doing when we meet together. We gather to encourage each other through music and prayer, and to hear and respond to the Bible read and preached. We’re convinced that where the Bible is taught with thought, love, and prayer, God's voice is heard in a way that is relevant and life-changing.

After the service, there’s time over coffee and snacks to catch up with people, and the chance to talk some more about the Bible teaching we’ve just had (for those who want to).